The Benefits of Hair Masks

CHB Benefits of Hair Masks

Our hair has the same needs as our skin – hydration and nutrition – so we should give our hair the same love and attention! We regularly put our hair through all kinds of stresses that can cause serious damage – stresses such as salt and chlorine water, chemical treatments, the sun’s UV rays, and heat styling are all guilty parties to harming our hair.

Our hair, just like our skin, is a distinctive feature that is unique to each individual. It holds the power and the potential to be a great source of confidence and pride. To restore that spirit and combat the stresses we put our hair through, there are a wide variety of methods of care that could be used, but none are quite as effective as a good hair mask!

What are hair masks?

Hair masks are treatments that are specially formulated to give your hair the hydration, nourishment, and damage repair that it needs. By allowing carefully selected oils, butters, and nourishing ingredients from a mask to soak deeper into the hair, hair masks are much more effective treatments than traditional shampoos and conditioners.

Why should you use a hair mask?

Using hair masks are an excellent way to revitalise your hair – especially for colour treated hair – as key ingredients penetrate the cuticle deeper than other forms of treatment. Not only do hair masks repair, moisturise, and nurture your hair, but there are also varieties of masks with more specialised benefits that cater further to individual needs.

With the right hair mask, you and your crown could enjoy the following benefits:

  • Moisturising and hydration,
  • Strand and scalp repair,
  • Shine and luster,
  • Colour retention,
  • Volume boost,
  • Reduce dandruff,
  • Promotes hair growth,
  • Defined curls,
  • Reduced oiliness,
  • Detangling,
  • Reduced frizziness,
  • Improved elasticity.

Why do we choose to use BLONDPRO?

As a salon that specialises in blonde hair, our stylists are well experienced in using a variety of products that claim to be the best at hair rejuvenation without compromising colour retention. Ultimately, with BLONDPRO, we don’t need to search any further (and we are so relieved)!

BLONDPRO is a three-step treatment that, combined with your favourite stylist, gives you truly incredible results from your salon visit. BLONDPRO A, B, and C treatments work together to preserve the integrity of your hair without compromising your stunning new colour! BLONDPRO A and B are combined and applied at the same time as your colour treatment, providing you with a softened lift and immediate repair and rehydration – BLONDPRO C, or BLONDPRO Care, is the third treatment, and can be used as a standalone treatment either at the salon or in the comfort of your home.

BLONDPRO C allows ongoing salon-quality treatment, designed to lock in colour and repair broken bonds within your hair, right up until your next session with your colourist. BLONDEPRO C is so gentle on your tresses, that it can be used as often as once a week, and can leave your hair up to seven times stronger than before treatment!

Using BLONDPRO gives you the confidence to colour, knowing that your hair will be even stronger and healthier than before! For more information about BLONDPRO treatments, consult with one of our stylists at your next appointment or contact us here.

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